Engineering & EPCs

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Engineering & EPCs

• Installation & Commissioning Intercommunication System on behalf of Intel Italy in Indonesia

• Engineering & Design of Steam Power Plant and Cogeneration Cycle for Choka wood & paper factory.

• Engineering, Supply and Installation of Online Energy monitoring System in Abadan Power Plant.

• EPC contract of online measuring the performance for Esfahan Power Plant.

• Supply and Commissioning of Online Energy Audit System in Yazd Power Plant.

• EPC contract of online measuring the performance of Shahid Rajaee Power Plant.

• Design and Construction of Power Control Panels of Fath Ali Water Pump Stations in Ardabil.

• Design and Implementation of Parallelizing of Internal Network of Agro-industrial Complex of Imam Khomeini with the Grid.

• Design and Supply of Vacuum Pump and Vacuum System for Power Transformer in Khuzestan Steel Complex.

• EPC contract of Automatic Sampling Devices of Oil and Oil Products Quality in Bandarabas Oil Refinery.

• Feasibility Study of Repowering of Tarasht Power Plant, Joint-venture with Mitsubishi Hitachi of Germany (Ex- Thyssen)

• Consultancy and engineering services of feasibility study of selection of contractors plus supervision of changing FD fan in Shazand Power Plant.

• Feasibility study of Installation of ECHP system in Farabi Hospital.

• Technical & economic feasibility study for replacement of wet cooling tower with dry or hybrid ones in Thermal Power Plants of Sarcheshmeh Cooper Complex.

• Technical & economic feasibility study of replacing Gas Turbine Power plant unit to CHP of Sarcheshmeh Cooper Complex.

• Feasible study for built second Power Plant in suitable location as well as correction of electricity network and load flow in Shiraz Oil Refinery.

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